Specialized in dipped latex products industry

Corporate Milestones

Our story

In 1990, found Kendek Industrial Sdn Bhd as trading company by purchase dipping part from Taiwan to trade with companies from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Finally in 1992, we inovatively designed and developed Nylon roller disc which can greatly reduce the noice during the production process. 


In 1994, we owned the first office in Ampang. We will make persistent efforts to continue improve and develop products.


In 1996, we obtained the industrial production machinery design patent (Certificate Of Grant Of a Patent).


In 1998, we had set up a new holder sets assemble line and warehouse at Tasik Land factory.


Kendek had purchased and build a new factory premises for in-house manufacturing and offline machine with dipping latex products.


KPSB was granted Pioneer Status (Certificate No. P. U. (A) 31/95) by MITI under the Promotion of Investments Act 1986, for the following categories:

i) Machinery for dipped latex products industry and other industry

ii) Parts thereof for the above

Set up research and developement (R&D) department on June 2001 to expand new products range from component parts to machinery and equipment. Developed new machinery such as Auto Tumble Dryer and Beading Machine.


In 2002, we designed, engineered, tested and commercialized the Group's first unit of Electronic Dry Condom Tester to improve the accuracy of detecting pinhole leakages on condoms.


On 2003, Kendek started its first cooperation with India latex dipping product company and started to manufacture for balloon dipping line products.

KPSB was accredited with the Quality Management System BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 certification by the National Quality Assurance Limited of UK.


Kendek had developed an improved range of Auto Tumbler Dryers with the incorporation of a 'double-dry' concept where both internal  and external surfaces of the gloves can be dried concurrently. This is more hassle-free and reduces the manual work required to turn the gloves.

We also developed the first in-house unit of the Pearl Grinding Mill machinery to cater to the dipped latex products market.

Received Appreciation Certificate for helping the Ex-Police Association Of Malaysia. (KISB)


Developed a double former conveyor chain and double former holder set for rubber glove industry.

Won the Golden Bull Award - Oustanding SME. (KISB)

Awarded the pretigious Product Excellence Award under Industrial Excellence Awards by MITI. (KISB)

Awarded the pretigious Enterprise 50 Awards. (KPSB)

Awarded the Product Excellence Award under SMB Awards. (KISB)

Awarded Emerging Business Award. (KPSB)


Awarded the Prestigious Enterprise 50 Award. (KPSB)

Awarded the Product Excellence Award under SMB Awards. (KISB)

Received Let Your Kids Discover Their For Coding As They Learn The Skills Of The Future for our balloon UX/UI Design. (KISB)


Awarded Selangor Innovative Excellence Award. (KISB)

Awarded Selangor Export Excellence Awards. (SPSB)

Awarded Selangor Investors Appreciation. (KISB)

Awarded Selangor Investors Appreciation. (SPSB)

Received Appreciation Certificate for 50 Years Industry Malaysia. (KPSB)

Received Appreciation Certificate for Supporting  "Buletin Perdana Limited Edition" (KPSB)



Awarded 20 Years Loyalty Awards from Hartalega. (KISB)


KPSB was granted Pioneer Status for: "Automated Machinery, Foil Sealing Machines, Foil Printing Machines and Parts thereof for Condom; Complete Dipped Latex Production Line for Glove, Condom and Balloon."



We established a welding machine robot arm at our factory to reduce the labour force.

Received certificate of Membership Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers for the year 2012- 2013. (KPSB)



Received Certificate of Appreciation For Supporting Partner for 2015 - Asia Summit. (KPSB)



Kendek had expanded 3 hectares from existing premises to increase the capacity for dipping line.


Kendek expanded another manufacturing dipping line for Glove, Balloon, and Condom dipping fabrication line.


Builded up additional conveyor chain manufacturing plant at Balakong area.


Received Certificate of Membership Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers for the Year 2022-2023. (KPSB)