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Components Parts

KPSB & SPSB produces component parts of machineries and equipment and production lines for the dipped latex products industry, in particular the rubber glove, balloon and condom sub-industries. Most of these products are for replacement of existing ones or to
be used for the production of new machineries and production lines.

The main component parts manufactured by KPSB & SPSB are conveyor chain, nylonfiberglass former holder set, metal former holder set and component accessories.


The competitive edge of KPSB & SPSB in the component parts market segment is as
• Flexible manufacturing modular set-up that caters to customers from different industries;
• The availability of in-house production tooling supports for high production uptime. This often translates into prompt delivery of parts, while maintaining optimum usages of the production resources;
• Continuous improvisation of production process, with successful implementation of through-put time, cost reduction measures, and improved product performances and life.


Machineries and Equipment

This involved the manufacturing of offline machineries and equipment for the manufacturing of dipped latex products such as rubber glove, condom and balloon. Amongst the machineries and equipment produced are the auto tumble dryer, cyclone dryer, pearl grinding mill machine, inspection and test machines.

Most of the machineries and equipment are produced on specified demand by the customers; either as part of their continuous replacement programs or as machineries and equipment to complement their new, latest production lines. As such, most of the
machineries and equipment made at this Division tend to vary from one customer to another – despite being of the same machineries and equipment types.

The competitive advantage of the Kendek Group in its products is as follows:
• The products are highly-customized to suit the production and efficiency needs of each customer, with strong emphasis on inter-personal rapports, feedbacks and cooperation throughout the design, procure, engineering, production, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning phases. The Group is keen to provide these services and individual products on a package basis.

• As an integrated manufacturer, the products of KPSB are supported and complimented with after-sales services which include, amongst others, collection, servicing, replacement, repair and maintenance from its sister company, KISB.
The after-sales services are often complimented by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians that provides valuable technical advices to the customers with regards to the conditions and care of these machineries and equipment.


Turnkey Projects Division
From its extensive experience in the trading of parts, machineries and equipment and the provision of repair and maintenance services to its customers in the dipped latex industry, the Kendek Group had gain in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in the machining and production lines for the dipped latex products industry. 
Through customers’ feedback and continuing research and development, the Kendek Group had in the late 1990s ventured and expanded into engineering and fabrication of entire production lines for customers in the latex glove, condom and balloon manufacturing. 
The entire production line is manufactured in-house, thereby harnessing the synergies ofclose proximity to tooling and component parts. Equipped with a dedicated and experienced team of engineers, the Group has managed to establish a niche market for its integrated engineering and production services by 2002. 
With continuous in-house research and development, and innovation, the Kendek Group, through KPSB, expanded into specialized engineering consultancy services, and supply and transfer of technological know-how to its valued customers within the dipped latex industry, through the provision of full turnkey projects for the setting up of production plants for manufacturing of latex-based products. 
The provision of integrated turnkey engineering services for the dipped latex industry by the Kendek Group is one of its kind in the country. It is a clear demonstration of the engineering and technical expertise and experience of the staff of the Group whose familiarity with the industry has few equals locally.