Specialized in dipped latex products industry

Offline Condom Machine


Model                            : KD-CFSM-1

Dimension                    : 2300mm (L) x 960mm (W) x 1400mm (H)

Mounting                      : 100pcs/minute

Labour                           : Two Operator

Packing Format           : Square Type Of 55mm (L) x 55mm (W) 4 Side Sealing From Two Foil Rolls

                                          (Foil Roll Size : 300mm (L) x 115mm (W) Throughout The Length)

Power Supply               : 145VAC 50HZ

Power                             : 2.0 KW

Sealing Temperature : Independent And Adjustable Temperature On Upper And Lower Roller

Complete With            : 2 Number Of Lubricant Dosing Pump Adjustable From 0.1 Up To 1CC/Gram Per Stroke